A Charming African Country to for the Holidays – Explore the Botswana Appeal

Explore a country of lush green grasslands, exotic wildlife and nature reserves. Botswana’s popularity as a tourist destination is a testament to its diverse offerings to tourists, who will be able to enhance their vacation.

 The Adventure Safaris

Adventure safaris are easily accessible from most hotels in Gaborone, and therefore, your visit to Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino is guaranteed to be filled with thrilling excitement and sightings of exotic wildlife roaming in their natural habitats. Tourists will be able to choose from a range of safaris and game drives offered by their lodgings or set off on a different type of adventure on horseback riding or cycling.

 A Peaceful Getaway

Discover absolute peace and tranquillity in Botswana. While the country may be famed for safaris and wildlife, the African wilderness is ideal for those who seek privacy. With a low population density, away from urban areas, guests will be able to sit back, relax and simply savour the sweet melodies of the birds and the rumbling of elephants.


Are you a birdwatcher? Botswana may just be your paradise to explore and admire a diverse species of birds. Known to shelter approximately 500 bird species, birdwatching is a mandatory checklist item in your Botswana itinerary. These birds can be usually spotted during the rainy season, soaring freely near lakes and rivers.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

 The People of Botswana

Apart from its natural charm and unique wildlife experiences, what should drive tourists to visit Botswana for their next vacation? The warm and welcoming people of the country will be one of the driving factors for this visit. Explore the cultural diversities among different tribes of the country as you interact and learn their ways of life.