A Guide to Exploring Thailand – Must- Experiences to be had among the Key Landmarks

It is no secret that Thailand remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Here is a list of all the exciting experiences to be had in this exotic nation.

Grand Palace Bangkok

For those seeking to revel in the grandeur and elegant architectural styles, visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok is a must. The palace is considered an architectural emblem of the Thai royal family and is presently being used for ceremonial purposes.

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle is the focal point where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River. The triangle borders Laos, Thailand and Myanmar and offers amazing vistas of these nations. For a closer look into these countries, hire a boat from luxury hotels in Chiang Rai the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle and cruise along the river.

Image via Anantara Golden Triangle

Elephant Experience

Recognized as a highly revered animal in Thailand, elephants are also the national symbol of the country. With plenty of elephant sanctuaries scattered across the country, in Thailand, there is ample opportunity for you to spend a relaxing day with these gentle giants. For instance, the Elephant Nature Park rescues these gentle giants and allows you to appreciate their beauty in a natural habitat.

Hop through the Scenic Islands

Boasting 5,000 miles of coastline, island hopping is an effortless expedition if you are in the Maldives. Journey across Male island, Mirihi Island, Biyadhoo island, Fulidhoo island and Vaadhoo island to find your solace among the amazing coral and marine life of the charming archipelago.