How To Plan A Fun and Memorable Weekend Getaway

How To Plan A Fun And Memorable Weekend Getaway

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A weekend getaway is an excellent way to de-stress and take a break from a busy schedule. Not only is it less stressful to prepare for than a big vacation, but it also helps you to save money, as longer trips are more expensive. Moreover, taking multiple weekend trips can keep you motivated and more productive at work. Statistics indicate that frequent short trips with family and friends will be the new travel trend in 2022. Are you planning the ideal weekend getaway? Here are some practical tips to help. 

  1. Determine the kind of trip you want 

The idea of a weekend getaway differs for everyone, so it makes sense to determine what you want out of your trip. Do you want to visit a particular location to relax after a hectic week? Or do you want to enjoy a scenic drive or explore unknown places in your city? Maybe you want a rural or urban vibe. Choosing your kind of trip will help you ascertain the destinations to visit. Be sure to choose something that you’d enjoy doing and help you relax. 

weekend getaway, weekend, getaway
  1. Choose your destination 

After determining what kind of trip you want, you can now choose your desired destination. While some may consider this step stressful, it’s not always the case. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, so keep this in mind. For instance, you can be a tourist in your city by visiting places you haven’t been to before. Likewise, you can opt for visiting attractions like Amish Country tours. The most important thing is to choose a location that reflects your interests and brings you maximum enjoyment. 

weekend getaway, weekend, getaway
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As a tip, ensure you research your destination to find out what activities you can engage in to help you plan your itinerary. Many online review platforms can also help you evaluate the best places to go, so keep this in mind. You also want to research the best accommodation and transport options, restaurants, parks and beaches, and other attractions that appeal to you. 

  1. Create your budget 

Unless you have funds to spare, you’ll want to create a budget to enjoy your weekend getaway without worrying about your finances. Moreover, you can easily make the best choices that fit your budget while making your destination search easier. To get started, ascertain how much you are willing to spend without being uncomfortable. You also want to factor in major travel expenses like accommodation and transportation. Other costs to consider are food, entertainment activities, souvenirs, hotel parking fees, tips, etc. Setting aside some money for unforeseen circumstances will prove helpful, so keep this in mind. As a tip, keep track of your spending to ensure that you are following your budget, 

  1. Book your accommodation beforehand

It’s not pleasant to get to your destination to discover that your choice hotel is fully booked. Not only will it ruin the mood, but you’ll also face additional stress looking for another accommodation option. That said, it’s essential to book your accommodation in advance to make your mini-vacation more enjoyable. Fortunately, sites like Google hotel search, Expedia, Priceline,, etc., can help you choose the best hotels for great prices. 

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  1. Take your packing seriously 

While it may be tempting to pack many outfits, it’s best to travel light since you’d be spending just the weekend. However, don’t forget essentials like your toothbrush, body care products, walking shoes, nightwear and underwear, passport and tickets, wallet with your cash or cards, universal adaptor, among others. 

So that’s it! Easy as pie so what are you waiting for?

weekend getaway, weekend, getaway