Just JLo In A Tub And Sharing A Stunning View Of Her Honeymoon And ‘Self Care

Several times every month, Jennifer Lopez is known for posting stunning photos from her personal life. Sometimes these are highlights from her day-to-day, including wearing a bikini while she’s kicking off “summer mode“Sharing details like her dresses from her recent wedding(s) to Ben Affleck or even just letting us know she’ll be making her own booty balm moving forward. It’s the Affleck stuff that has again seemed to be on her mind of late, as this weekend JLo threw back to her Paris honeymoon with a sweet post shot in the bathtub.

Of course, the halftime subject is one of the few people who can pull off looking practically perfect in a bathtub. I’m pretty sure most people would be all awkward angles when shooting from a tub, particularly a large, cold, and expensive-looking marble one like the one pictured here. Not JLo though; the actress looks flawless as she brings up the benefits of “self care.”

Cutely, the mom of two panned away from the tub to show off the rest of the (impressive) bathroom and landed on a robe that had been left out for her on the wall. It reads “Just Married.” Meanwhile, the clip might have been from her Paris honeymoon, but it proves even newlyweds need some “me” time from time to time.

Jennifer Lopez shares video of Paris honeymoon.

(Image credit: Jennifer Lopez, Instagram)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck actually traveled to Paris together and took in the sights at the Louvre and other places back in July of this year. They took the trip following their first $75 wedding in Las Vegas. Of course, they tipped the pastor well and followed up the quick wedding with a celebrity-filled shindig weeks later.