Key Vietnam Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re planning a holiday or business trip to Vietnam, check out these tips that will help you enjoy a truly memorable experience.

Business Trip
Business Trip | Image by Marten Bjork via Unsplash

Book Accommodation Ahead

Book suitable accommodation ahead and consider opting for a trusted hospitality brand that features special offers and a loyalty programme with exclusive benefits and discounts. For more flexibility, look to stay at serviced apartments; Ho Chi Minh City makes an ideal destination for a trip to Vietnam with properties like Somerset Chancellor Court Ho Chi Minh City offering such apartments close to business, sightseeing, dining, and shopping hotspots.

When Packing

Check the weather of the destination you plan to visit and pack accordingly. Keep in mind it can get hot and quite humid so cotton or linen attire would be more suitable, though it will be cold up north for which, warmer clothing is needed. Having umbrellas or raincoats is a good idea in case of sudden showers, while when visiting sacred sites, remember that you need to wear conservative attire covering bare shoulders and legs.

Have Small Notes

While credit and debit cards are accepted at hotels, malls and other establishments in the cities, there will be some instances you won’t be able to make payments using them; this can be at places like local markets or when heading to more rural areas. With that in mind, carry around local currency (Vietnamese Dong) in smaller notes that can be used in emergencies as well.

Use Ride-Hailing Apps

Well-known taxi companies can be found in major cities, though consider also installing some ride-hailing apps on your smartphone. Choices include Grab and Uber which provide convenient and safe options, which can be cheaper as well. Such apps also come in handy when you are looking for transport to a city from the airport with the added advantage that you can make card payments.