The Gift Guide That Gives Back

Travel has taught me many things through the years and my love for the environment continues to rank higher on my priority list with every mountain I climb and body of polluted water I enter. I’m working on intentional gift-giving this holiday season so I’ve put together a gift guide that gives back – sprinkled with sustainable and wellness ideas to rejuvenate spirits for the new year!

Gifts that give back

From creating jobs for downtown LA homelessness to clearing pounds of trash from the ocean and providing access to clean water around the world, these gifting from the following companies will impact the recipient while making a positive impact on the planet. Name a better gift than that!

As the original one-for-one company, Toms has been doing business with a heart since the beginning! Plus, these versatile boots will take you from the trail to a dinner date!

This black-owned coffee business donates 5% to at-risk youth and works with over ten organizations with different initiatives to improve the lives of kids across the United States.

In addition to the best-fitting bras, Third Love does active, lounge, and so much more. The company is the largest donor of undergarments in the U.S. with more than $40 million of products to help women.

Give the gift of warmth with a LYM beanie knowing 50% of net profit is given to the fight against pediatric cancer.

This is a go-to gift for me year after year. Some gifts are timeless, and this one has proven to be meaningful every single time. Plus, your purchase creates jobs in Downtown Los Angeles for those transitioning out of homelessness.

With ethically sourced products and sustainability in mind, give the gift of a smaller carbon footprint with these chic sneaks!

For every product sold, united by blue removes a pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

For the coffee connoisseur in your life, give the gift of Generous Coffee beans, apparel or swag knowing 100% of profits are invested into life-changing non-profit work. Better yet, gift your loved one a trip on the team’s next Honduras outing! I’ve been on two expeditions so far and can confirm they are life-changing…both for you and the wonderful humans you’re servicing.

For the tree hugger in your life

Below are some gift ideas that your mountain climbing, plant loving, tree hugging, yoga practicing family members (ME!!) will love unwrapping Christmas morning.

I purchased the Almond Cow 4 years ago for my vegan eating, tree hugging, yoga teaching assistant, and it probably received my Gift of the Year title. This 3-piece machine makes any (and every) nut, seed, and plant-based milk at the push of a button. The budget-friendly and environmentally sustainable kitchen appliances allow for creative freedom in the kitchen, too. This is what coconut milk ice cream dreams are made of, y’all!!!

Welly is providing everything one could wish for in a drinking container. This versatile bottle can keep drinks hot/cold for up to 24 hours, comes with a removable diffuser (for tea or fruit), and donates a percentage of profits to clean water projects around the world. They also have super cute bravery badges (band-aids) for stocking stuffers!

The Aroma Om diffuser has won some awards for being the best of the best. It has a classic, sleek design and an optional candle-like LED light. Saje is also a company you can feel good buying from. In 2021 alone, Saje has repurposed 200,000+ water bottles! Pair with some essential oils for an extra lovely gift. My favorite is Arrive Revied!

Metal straws are so last year! Bamboo straws remind me of Bali so upgrade your favorite tree hugger’s morning smoothie with these sustainable straws. Psssst.. I love these glass straws too!

This recycled leather sneaker is the upgraded version of the OG court sneaker. Everlane mastered the balance of sustainability without sacrificing the fashion and durability aspect of this shoe. I love the little details of this fashion sneaker too!

Wellness with a twist

Health is wealth and self-care never goes out of style. While a spa gift card can always do the trick, here are some gift ideas to step up your gift-giving game this holiday season.

Happy season of giving y’all! Now I’m curious.. what are your gift giving goals this holiday season?