Memorable Things To Do in Hikkaduwa

A Fulfilling Vacation in Hikkaduwa

Stroll along the golden sandy beaches of Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka’s renowned resort town, loved by globetrotters from every corner of the world. From catching the perfect waves for surfing to savouring the soft breezes of palm trees, here’s what a vacation in Hikkaduwa has in store for its guests.

Exploring the Deep Blue Ocean

Snorkelling is one of the most popular and fulfilling things to do in Hikkaduwa. Explore the marvels of the underwater world as you dive deep into the ocean. Hikkaduwa offers plenty of tour operators who are geared up to take you on a snorkelling adventure to appreciate nature’s gifts to humankind, from corals to the vibrant marine life under the sea.

Catching the Perfect Surf Wave

Hikkaduwa is the home of surfing enthusiasts. This fishing village turned surfing paradise is nothing short of consistent waves ready to take you on a wild ride in sync with the ocean waves. Whether you are an amateur surfer or an expert, a session of surfing in Hikkaduwa is a mandatory checklist item during a beachside getaway to the southern part of Sri Lanka.

A Religious Site Visit

Located a mere 17 minutes away from Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon, Sri Pushparama Temple is a renowned place of worship among Buddhist devotees, and also a site that has caught the attention of tourists to explore the country’s cultural and religious roots. Recognised as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka, the temple is also known as the ‘Nayaka Pansala’ and features an architectural design similar to that of a church.

Witness Baby Turtles Find Their Way Back Home

Baby Turtles
Image via Wikimedia Commons – Shaananu87(shanka Anuranga), Sea turtle(marine turtles), CC BY-SA 4.0

Witness moments to cherish as baby turtles find their way back home to the ocean. Hikkaduwa is home to several turtle hatcheries that are committed to breeding the beloved endangered species, turtles. Witnessing baby turtles being released into the ocean is best experienced during the early hours of the evening.