‘They are NOT your friends’

A newly married couple was shocked to discover their home had been invaded and trashed as a “prank” during their honeymoon, and TikTokers are outraged.

TikToker Annalize (@annalisejoelle) gained over 14.7 million views, 1.8 million likes and 18,000 comments when she uploaded their shocking findings to her account.

While some pranks are harmless — like this wife who bought her husband dissolvable swimming trunks, or this dad who used Alexa to prank his teen son after catching him sneaking out — Annalise’s video proves that some pranks go a little too far, especially when they put animals at risk.

The video, captioned “Came back from our honeymoon to quite the surprise,” took viewers on a tour of the newlyweds’ thoroughly trashed home.

Viewers were shocked to behold plastic-wrapped furniture, rooms filled to the brim with balloons, and staircases covered in cups of water.

But the most upsetting pranks were those that seemed to put animals in harm’s way: a mysteriously empty hamster ball and a bathtub full of goldfish.

While Annalize later followed up to explain that they did get some help in cleaning upand that the fish all found new homesviewers were outraged by the prank and insisted that real friends would never do such a thing.

‘They are NOT your friends’

Over 18,000 TikTokers shared their feelings about the prank in the comments.

“No. After being so stressed planning a wedding, and after being tired from coming back from a honeymoon, only to come back to a messed up house? NAH,” one user wrote.

“I would be so mad. I purposely deep clean my house b4 a vacation so I can come home and relax,” wrote another user.

“Nothing like a house full of stress right from vacation ,” one comment read.

“I would never speak to whoever did this again ,” wrote another user.

“They are NOT your friends,” commented another.

Many TikTokers shared their concern for the animals involved in the prank.

“Oh the fish. That’s actually so sad,” one user wrote.

“Y’all need better friends. Everything was funny until the fish,” commented another user.

“The balloons and cups fine – Saran Wrap okay – but the gerbil and fish … that’s too far,” one user wrote.

“Please don’t release [the fish] in the wild. Gold fish are super invasive and literally ruin environments,” commented one user.

Hopefully their friends will think twice before playing their next elaborate prank — and won’t involve any animals in the process.

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