The Best Summer Camps for Children with Disabilities

Now has become the season to register for summer camps, but what happens if you have a child with special needs? In the past, this may have prevented her from going to summer camp, but today, camps have become even more accommodating. Plenty of the camps today have specialized medical care for children with disabilities, and you can often find one-on-one buddies. Here are some of the camps for people with disabilities.

Friendship Circle

Located in West Bloomfield, Michigan, the Friendship Circle contains a number of options for overnight camp, social skills day camp and baseball through the Miracle League. For social skills day camp, the children will work with a small group of other children, which a volunteer heads. In all the other programs at Friendship Circle, your child will be paired up in a one-on-one setting with a volunteer. Outside of Michigan, Friendship Circle has over 83 …

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