10 city beaches in India worth visiting


There is nothing more relaxing than watching the waves splash at your feet at a beach. However, the beaches in India have many more exciting activities for the visitors. Be it any of the southern coastal areas, you are bound to find an exotic beach that offers a blend of tranquility and soul-stirring calmness.

Some of the most famous beach cities in India include Mumbai, Puri, Chennai, Alleppey, Mangalore, and others. For travelers, domestic flight services such as Jet Airways can be the perfect choice to cover all the beautiful beaches in India.

Here are the top most beaches in India that you should definitely visit at least once.

  1. Baga Beach in Goa

Located in the Baga town, this beach is situated in the most popular tourist destination in India. Goa is the ultimate destination for water sports, partying, seafood, fishing and other activities. And this beach offers each one of them for the visitors.

  1. Marina Beach in Chennai

Marina beach is known as the longest beach in the whole country. The beach attracts both locals and tourists; hence, the location always presents a rich crowd.

  1. Juhu Beach in Mumbai

You can take any of the Chennai to Mumbai flights to reach the beautiful city of Mumbai. The Juhu beach has a special place in the hearts of locals, which has made this beach highly popular all over the country. People from all areas of the city come here to enjoy street food and relax in the natural environment.

  1. Alleppey Beach in Alappuzha

One of the most popular destinations in Kerala, Alappuzha is the location where you find Alleppey Beach. The location is famous for the majestic sunset, houseboat cruise and massage centers that use the methods of Ayurveda.

  1. Nagoa Beach in Diu

The city of Diu is famous for the beaches. However, Nagoa Beach has gained an amazing popularity due to its picturesque richness. Tourists love to capture the moments here.

  1. Puri Beach in Puri

Puri is one of the most popular cities in Odisha state. The city offers a crowded beach to enjoy various activities. The beach in Puri city is admired for the color of the sand and sunrise and sunsets. Various events are organized every year here.

  1. Ramakrishnan Mission Beach in Vishakhapatnam

Known for the beach park, this beach has incredible outdoor activities to indulge in. Tourists and locals find the spot highly enjoyable for beach volleyball, swimming, water sports, and other beach activities.

  1. Somnath Beach in Veraval

The western coast of the state of Gujrat offers a beautiful beach called Somnath. The beach is not far from the Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple. The beautiful view of the Somnath Temple becomes more enjoyable when the sun sets.

  1. Majali Beach in Kerwar

Located in the state of Karnataka, Majali Beach is famous for its seafood and temples. This beach attracts visitors from all over the world.

  1. Promenade Beach in Pondicherry

Along the town of Pondicherry, you find a stunning beach with beautiful monuments to explore. The beach presents an urban feeling along with a blend of natural beauty.

This list is a definitive guide on which beach needs to be on the list of the avid travel aficionado. Do write to us and let us know which of these have you already visited or are planning to visit in 2018.