Newlywed groped student as he flew back from honeymoon in Hawaii, court hears

A newlywed City trader groped a sleeping student while flying from his honeymoon in Hawaii, a court heard.

Robert Van Den Bergh, 37, allegedly stroked the woman’s thigh as he sat next to her in economy class on the 10-hour United Airlines flight.

The economics student, sitting in the window seat, had taken two sleeping pills and Mr Van Den Bergh allegedly joked that the pills could make her unconscious.

She woke up to find Mr Van Den Bergh touching the middle of her thigh as the motion grew “stronger and more deliberate”, jurors heard.

Mr Van Den Bergh denies sexual assault between 31 December 2019 and 1 January 2020.

Richard Scott, prosecuting, said the woman “placed a pillow, a small cushion, between her and her fellow passenger”.

However, the touching continued with Mr Van Den Bergh apparently touching her upper left thigh and buttock.

“This went on in excess

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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck are back from their honeymoon

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back in Los Angeles. The couple, who’s enjoyed two weddings and two honeymoons in the span of two months, was photographed leaving their private jet and wearing matching outfits.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez©GrosbyGroup
Affleck and Lopez looked comfortable for their journey.

Lopez and Affleck were both wearing matching tan sweaters and sunglasses. Lopez wore matching sweatpants and wore her hair loose, showing off her highlights. Affleck wore gray sweatpants and carried his luggage.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back from their honeymoon©GrosbyGroup
They wore matching outfits.

The two spent their second honeymoon in Italy, where they were photographed near Lake Como relaxing and enjoying themselves. They were also seen shopping in Milan and grabbing lunch throughout town. They also briefly spent time with George and Amal Clooney, who own a home in the area.

The couple traveled to Europe following their second wedding in Affleck’s Georgia estate. The lavish event, valued at $400,000, was an

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‘They are NOT your friends’

A newly married couple was shocked to discover their home had been invaded and trashed as a “prank” during their honeymoon, and TikTokers are outraged.

TikToker Annalize (@annalisejoelle) gained over 14.7 million views, 1.8 million likes and 18,000 comments when she uploaded their shocking findings to her account.

While some pranks are harmless — like this wife who bought her husband dissolvable swimming trunks, or this dad who used Alexa to prank his teen son after catching him sneaking out — Annalise’s video proves that some pranks go a little too far, especially when they put animals at risk.

The video, captioned “Came back from our honeymoon to quite the surprise,” took viewers on a tour of the newlyweds’ thoroughly trashed home.

Viewers were shocked to behold plastic-wrapped furniture, rooms filled to the brim with balloons, and staircases covered in cups of water.

But the most upsetting pranks

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Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas enjoy PDA on Greece honeymoon

Real handsy housewife.

Following an unforgettable blowout wedding bash in their native New Jersey, newlyweds Teresa Giudice and Luis “Louie” Ruelas have taken to unabashed PDA while honeymooning in Greece.

The lovebirds could be seen sprawled out on a beach in Mykonos in broad daylight, though — if new photos are any indication — basking in the Mediterranean sunshine evidently took a backseat to basking in their own blissed-out post-nuptial glow.

Giudice and Ruelas were reportedly situated mere inches away from fellow beach-goers as their flirtatious canoodling escalated, with the duo contorting into a menagerie of sexually suggestive positions that no doubt garnered some side-eye from those in the vicinity.

Teresa Giudice donned a coral-hued bikini while climbing on top of her new hubby Luis Ruelas for a make-out sesh.
Teresa Giudice donned a coral-hued bikini while climbing on top of her new hubby Luis Ruelas for a make-out sesh.

At one point, the coral bikini-clad “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, 50, hoisted herself on top of her

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