4 Tips For Choosing A Hotel For Your Business Trip

Choosing a hotel is not just for the holidays. Usually, choosing accommodation is an important part when doing a business trip. Especially if you decide to take a business trip in Singapore. Hotels in Sentosa Island are the right choice for those of you who are on a business trip with colleagues.

There are so many hotel options in Sentosa Island that cater to business people to have a pleasant and safe business trip. So how do you choose the right hotel? Let’s see a brief explanation below!

Strategic location

When choosing a hotel for a business trip, the most important thing is to choose a strategic location. When talking about location, don’t just consider the location of your business center or activities during your trip. You also need to make sure the hotel’s location is close to the facilities and infrastructure you need when doing business trips, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and public transportation.

Of course, this will make it easier for you when you are on a business trip. A strategic location will save time, so you can take advantage of more productive things, right?

Supporting facilities for work

The need for accommodation when traveling for business and on vacation, the need for accommodation is certainly different. For this reason, when choosing a hotel for a business trip, it is also necessary to pay attention to the facilities provided by the hotel.

One of the most common and most essential facilities in choosing a business hotel is the WiFi internet network connection provided by the hotel. A stable, fast, and accessible network from the room will certainly be very helpful for all business activities and work that you might do during your stay at the business hotel.

Other facilities that may need to be considered are the availability of space for meetings such as a lounge for more casual meetings in small quantities or a closed meeting room and business center if necessary. The transportation facilities provided by the hotel for airport transfers may also be beneficial to make your activities easier.

In addition to facilities related to the needs of business activities, other facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and spas can be an added value for you to rest after a full day’s work.

Adjust to the Purpose of the Business Trip

Still related to tips on choosing a business hotel before, in determining the right business hotel, you also have to adjust to the purpose of the business trip.

For example, go on a business trip to come to an event. The location of a business hotel can be a very important factor to make it easier for you to access the event venue. Meanwhile, if you actually want to hold an event, a business hotel that provides meeting rooms may be more helpful and make it easier for you.

You may go on a business trip to meet a client or partner so you can choose a hotel that provides facilities such as an adequate lounge or restaurant so that you can have better and more comfortable discussions with clients. 

Hotel service guarantee

After ensuring the location and hotel facilities are following what is needed on a business trip, the next tip for choosing a business hotel is guaranteeing hotel services.

The easiest way to find out the quality of hotel services is to look directly at the reviews from guests who have stayed at the hotel before. If you book a business hotel through the Traveloka application, you can directly check the score of the hotel from various aspects to ensure that the hotel has guaranteed service quality.

Even though it seems easy, you shouldn’t underestimate the tips for choosing a business hotel. Not only can it make a business trip uncomfortable, but your schedule of activities during a business trip can also be a mess because of the wrong choice of a business hotel.

After the business is done, you can go straight to Geylang for a holiday. But before that, don’t forget to check in to the hotels in Geylang via Traveloka to get the best recommendations! Happy business trips and holidays, friends!