Note, Practical routes around Europe

Europe is very broad and needs the right itinerary to surround it. Don’t worry, here are  practical routes around Europe that can be your guide.

Western Europe

To explore the region of Western Europe, you can start an adventure from England, precisely London. There, you can get around the British capital while visiting landmarks there including the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

Completed from London, continue the trip to Paris in France. Don’t forget to take a romantic photo at the Eifel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Satisfied in Paris, you can continue to Switzerland precisely to Jungfrau. This is the best place to enjoy Switzerland from a height, while enjoying white snow.

Switzerland is finished, let’s continue to Italy. Look directly at the leaning Pisa Tower and explore Florence with all its romance. Do not forget, taste pizza and pasta which is famous for its deliciousness.

Rome is the next destination. The Italian capital, which is rich in history and rich culture, cannot be missed. Track yourself Piazza Navona, Colloseum, Pantheon, Spanish Step, and don’t forget, the Trevi Fountain.

From Italy, you can travel to Germany exactly Berlin. One thing that cannot be missed is to travel to the ruins of the Berlin Wall, before it is completely destroyed. Munich is also included in the obligatory itinerary because many destinations can be visited, including castles, Rhine River and others.

Finally, you can travel to the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Volendam. In Volendam, there is a typical view of the Netherlands, namely the countryside with windmills or windmollens. Whereas in Amsterdam, you can spend time traveling by bicycle. Or enjoy the view from the canal and spend the night in the Red Light District.

There are still countries in Western Europe that can be visited. But because of the many countries, it seems impossible to visit all countries. You can also choose the countries you want to visit. There are still Irandia who have Dublin, Portugal with Lisboanya, or Spain with Madrid and their Barcelona. If you have enough time, when visiting the Netherlands, you can continue to Belgium.


First Route: Irish-English-Dutch-German-French-Swiss-Italian

Second Route : Spanish-Portuguese-French-Dutch-German-Belgian-Swiss-monaco

Third Route: Italy-Monaco-Swiss-Paris-German-Dutch-English


Eastern Europe

There is Ljubljana in Slovenia which is the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe. Located near the Alps, Ljubljana is perfect for exploring by bicycle.

Also, there is the City of Mostar in Bosnia which has the most famous Stari Most bridge there. The bridge is a link between Bosnia and Croatia . The beauty of this city is on its crystal clear blue river. In fact, you can dive here.

Continuing to neighboring Bosnia, there is Croatia. The city of Zadar is famous for its beautiful beaches. In the afternoon, tourists spend time here to wait for the sun to set. Kiev in Ukraine is no less beautiful. There is Independent Square, or St Sofia Cathedral which is the oldest church in Kiev and also has beautiful views from the top of the building.

Culture lovers cannot miss Tallinn in Estonia. As a city center for European culture, Tallinn has never run out of events related to art and culture. Let’s continue the trip to Romania, precisely to Suceava. Behind the famous Dracula, there are more beautiful than fanged creatures and love to suck human blood. The buildings there are ancient and colorful. Very beautiful!

There is also Budapest in Hungary which offers a vibrant and unique youthful atmosphere. As a city frequented by young tourists, Budapest is one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Prague in the Czech Republic does not want to be a romantic destination. The combination of history and romantic atmosphere there is second to none. Finally, there is Russia which is famous for Moscow and the Kremlin Fortress.

Route: Bosnian-Croatian-Croatian-Ukrainian-Estonian-Romanian-Hungarian-Russian-Russian