6 Reasons Why People Love Traveling

Anybody who has traveled outside his or her comfort zone can attest to the excitement that comes from being in a new environment. As research has shown, travel is not only exciting; it also offers the following six health benefits.

1. Because I can find new things

There are many things that I can get when I’m traveling, surely whatever it is valuable things that are not valuable to me. Not just about the wonderful experience of traveling, just the new things that I never imagined could happen and I experienced. I can meet new people, new culture, new atmosphere, new perspective, new temporary life, new thoughts that are meant for a moment through traveling I learn to be more wise as a person afterwards. The experience when I interviewed residents to local officials when working while traveling helped me enrich the context of the data I took. Or my experience got lost in the country people and how I can go back to the inn. Another way I observed how to make food until serving then I tried it.

Tips from me, do not like comparing a condition with other conditions / regions! Appreciate them wherever you stand.

2. Because I can do self-reflection and self-supporting

I’m not the type of traveler who likes to hang out with traveling companions. I can be independent to travel alone. By myself, I can reflect on the journey of life and the situation I am facing. I take a lot of wisdom from traveling, not only need to spend the important money there is time for me and myself.

Tips from me, do not ever afraid of traveling alone because many also Traveler / Plancong do it yourself! As a social creature, when alone there will be new friends who fill your travel journey.

3. Because I can learn from different angles

Some friends I met while traveling opened my understanding especially about courage. For example, how I do not have to hesitate with my English anyway I meet H, Japanese women who can survive traveling although not very good at English. Or, I must dare to wander in a country because I meet R, Men from Montenegro who came all the way and desperate to entrepreneurship in Asia even though education and money are not much. There is another story I explain the meaning of forgiveness when a twelve-year-old Dutch girl holidaying with her family. At that time he met me and asked whether I as an Indonesian did not hold a grudge when I met him from Holland where he learned in school that his people had colonized us. Well, the experience of encounter with them enriches me for this life.

Tips from me, you can create a daily journal of your travel traveling, thanksgiving is given to be a reporting article or inspiration trip.

4. Because I am celebrating “something” in life

Celebrate something not merely with a party or a thanksgiving celebration. Through traveling, I usually want to share with people I’ve never met before. Nobody knew my birthday at the time, but I could eat with the driver and the locals when I was having my birthday. We went to the best culinary tour of the city, then they gave me a treat. Incredible look at their smiles while telling stories about their lives. Traveling has existed since ancient times when humans in the early history began nomadic and sought livelihood in new locations. Basically, humans do not want to stay in one place. Man is never satisfied with what he has, traveling is the answer. No need to celebrate the birthday, as long as I want to share the fun and then traveling into a celebration plan.

Tips from me, find the soul of adventure when you are traveling, there you like to celebrate life through a new journey.

5. Because I learned to adapt to new people

It’s not easy for shy people like me to open up and deal with strangers. Through traveling, I can hear their stories and inspiration about their lives or opinions. There we share contacts so that maybe one day need each other. Language is not a barrier in communication, what is needed is courage to open up and understanding each other.

6. Because I want to get to know culture and character of local people

Everyone is unique. They are shaped by customs and the environment, no doubt if there are things I need to learn from them as a form of my admiration. Once upon a time me and my traveling companion, the Israeli girl went to the community of the Thai inhabitants. From him I learned to observe the culture and character of the community that I had never thought of before. His culture provides an understanding of the culture beyond my “glasses” everyday.