Adventure Holiday at Les Ormes

Ever wanted to vacation differently, and explore a place that offers beauty and serenity in the middle of a forest? Escape the city noise and relax in quietness surrounded by family in the wild at Les Ormes.

Built next to chateau, Les Ormes is a 200 park in France. Tree houses are not your typical accommodations while vacationing. They are unique in every single way. Camping on top of trees has never been better.  The thirty treehouses will show views of French countryside like no other place. The greenery and the treehouses integrate so uniformly to create the perfect environment for relaxation and exploring.

Whether it’s a family vacation with kids or just lovers wishing to get away and rediscover each other, the treehouse France are made to accommodate up to twelve people. The houses are nestled in woods and are accessible from February to November.

There are three different types of houses for both couples and families. Built from four meters to twenty meters from the ground, anyone comfortably can use them. To get to the Les Ormes treehouse France, you need to climb a ladder or a zip wire. A trained instructor will show you how to do it the first time.

The houses are fitted with wooden beds that are well-furnished for comfort. During the colder months, they will provide you with heaters. There is an eco-friendly toilet that needs no water to use. Dine and sleep under candlelight which creates the perfect ambience. Your needs are catered for during your stay. That is what we call glamping – camping with style.

Explore the meadows and go hiking with the whole family. Spend quality time with loved ones as you cycle and picnic in this 200-acre wonderland. Carry some packed lunch and discover the perfect spot for to have a picnic.  Walk to the beaches which a 20 minutes away and the much needed exercise.

Take hikes, go jogging, cycle around the trails or swim in this idyllic place. Collect wildflowers and appreciate life for what it is. Let the kids fly loose and take on various games at the site. If you love water, the swimming pool and water slides will impress you. There are so many activities to be enjoyed while out here.

There is an 18-hole golf course for those want to play. Go exploring French countryside and shop local products to carry home with you.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of food to choose from. Order your breakfast and have it delivered to the base of the tree. All you have to do is pull it up by the rope and enjoy it. How cool is that?

The ecological mindful Les Ormes will teach you to appreciate the simple things in life.  Sleep in the quietness of the forest and wake up to the chirping of the birds. You can learn something about conserving the environment and using natural resources consciously and protecting the ecological balance

Being one with nature gives you freedom and a lot of energy. Les Ormes is a place that encourages you to get out your treehouse and get living. Exploring and spending time as a family is something you don’t get back in cities. The simplistic approach to camping makes it the ideal place to detach and unwind for a couple of days.