From Davao, With Love

Davao City

Dear Visitor,
Mountains. Beaches. Wildlife. Unique cuisine. Exotic fruits. Flower gardens. Thrilling rides. Name it, I have it – which makes me a complete tourism destination.

I am somewhere in the Southern island of Mindanao, but you can reach me in no time! There are around 20 flights from Manila that will bring you to me, as well as many other low cost and reduced flights to Davao.

Let me introduce you to one of my prides, the magnificent Mount Apo. It is the tallest mountain in the country, and a dream climb for every mountaineer. Bond with butterflies and birds, including the Philippine Eagle, during your trek. Or simply marvel at the exquisite waling-waling (a wild orchid) along the way. You may want to consider proposing a wedding to your loved one at its peak, before the dawn breaks. I’m 101{997a1f7b70c018f556ca35dc9b6cb2878756b7ab8c36fef2935d411352af007d} sure you’ll get a yes.

If you love the waters, you will also love me. Frolic in my white-sand beaches and mountain resorts. Or dare a bit more by diving in my underwater world teeming with colorful corals and fish species such as tunas and mackerels.

Or perhaps you are looking for some adventure? Feed my crocodiles. Zip up for my kilometer-long ziplines. Get inside a Zorb and roll around my parks. Try wakeboarding or rafting in my rapids.

A certified shopaholic? Explore my malls and other specialty shops for fabrics, accessories, crafts, and delicacies perfect as souvenirs or pasalubong. You can walk along my streets safely because my policemen know how to do their jobs. I guess it will make you feel more secure that I have the lowest crime rate in the entire country.

I also have sure treats for history lovers. Do you want to learn more about Muslim tribes? Troop to my museums for a wide collection of artifacts and memorabilia that will give you straight facts.

And, if you feel like dancing your heart out, visit me around August. It’s time for Kadayawan Festival. Let’s sing and dance and be merry. Together, let us thank our good Lord for the bountiful harvest and everything that is rich and beautiful in me.

Now, if you are done enjoying my attractions, please have a seat. Relax. It’s now time to delight yourself with the wonderful flavors of my dishes. Don’t leave without ever tasting my fresh fruits, including my baby, Durian. And I have tons of mouth-watering fish and seafood for you to feast on. And cocktails too. And… and… my list could go on endless.

So, you should definitely go back again and again, okay? Because I have countless reasons for you to enjoy staying with me!

Sincerely and with love,