Beautiful Beach in Thailand and Famous in the World

With the beauty it offers, it is not surprising if the Beach is still the most favorite location for tourists to vacation. Not infrequently people are willing to travel far just to relax and enjoy the stunning coastal scenery. Thailand has become one of the most visited countries because it has an incredible beach, not inferior to other beaches in the World. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Thailand you can visit thailand diving liveaboard and here is a list of Beautiful Beaches in Thailand which is very famous for its beauty.

Maya Bay Beach

You will not regret holidaying at Maya Bay, because it is a beautiful beach in Thailand is very fascinating. The calm blue sea water is calm look more attractive with the presence of soft white sand. The clear water makes the fish visible. Because it is this charm that makes Maya Bay into the beautiful beaches in the World. The beauty offered by the bay with the flavor of these 3 flanking stones has also increased the interest of filmmakers to become this place as a filming location one of them is The Beach. The making of this film makes this one tourist spot increasingly popular so that more and more visitors who come. You will not regret going to this beach because divebooker site will give you the convenience and comfort for a vacation in Thailand.

Cha-am Beach

Cha-am becomes the next beach location you should visit, because of the beauty it offers and also its strategic location. Located at 161 km south of Bangkok, making this one beach tourist attraction relatively easy to access. From the capital of Thailand, you only spend less than 2 hours to get to the location by car. The specialty of Cha-am lies in the beauty of its white sand which is nothing but the longest beach sand in Thailand. There are many activities that can be done in this place one of them is playing golf.

Phuket Beach

Who does not know Phuket? Beaches in Thailand are most visited by local and foreign tourists are so popular with the charming white sand beaches that complement the beauty of the natural beach scene is very beautiful. With the beauty it offers make Phuket dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’. Phuket is the perfect location for a holiday especially with family.

Hua Hin

In addition to Cha-am, Hua Hin can also be an alternative choice for those who want to play Golf, while the coolest spot to play golf is under the coconut tree. By combining the concept of recreation and sports, this beach holiday feels more fun with a relatively complete sports facilities.


Pattaya is a very popular beach in Southeast Asia, therefore I am sure if you also must already know the beach that is along the Gulf of Thailand This is not it? Pattaya is a beautiful beach in Thailand located at 147 km southeast of Bangkok precisely in the bay of Pattaya and is the first resort beach in Thailand. This location is also famous for its nightly entertainment, where the manager provides a variety of discotheque places south of the beach. While for those who want to relax while enjoying the beauty of beautiful beaches in Thailand are quiet and quiet this can come to the northern coast.

That’s a beautiful beach in Thailand, may be a reference for those who want to vacation to the beach. With its charming beauty is what makes these beaches become a must-see location while exploring the various attractions in Thailand.