Plan a Holiday You Won’t Need a Vacation to Recover

It is common knowledge that vacations are good for you. People who take vacations regularly tend to have lower blood pressure, less stress and improved mental function. But if you find yourself anxiously rushing from one sightseeing tour to another you will come back from your holiday in dire need of more time off. Here are some ways to avoid that trap.

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Get Active

For some people, scaling El Capitan or rafting the Colorado River is the ideal vacation but not all active vacations need be so rigorous. Beach vacations are Americans’ most popular type of vacation, and with good reason. They invite various degrees of activity from an easy stroll while the water washes over your feet to a demanding swim against the waves. Explore something like bald head island vacation rentals and discover the charm of canoeing through marshes, taking long nature walks and cycling all around the small island.

Get Bored

Unplug the laptop and put down the phone. Periods of boredom give our minds a chance to recharge. Schedule nothing for a day or two of your trip, not even a spa treatment. Wake up when you want, gaze at clouds rolling by, nap in a hammock then stare at a campfire till it’s time to go to bed. Don’t learn anything or explore anywhere, just breathe and daydream.

Get Creative

A creative mind is a healthier mind. The process of creating art is transformative, and the benefits of such creativity are unrelated to mastery. It turns out, people should draw, sculpt, play musical instruments and write even if they are horrible at it. The best part is you can turn any trip into your own personal art fest and any destination will do. Take a sketchbook to the museum. Lug your fancy camera on a short hike and make yourself take at least ten pictures with each lens. Schedule a free day in the middle of your trip and write a story about each day so far; illustrate it for extra points!