Why choose a boutique hotel for your next vacation?


There is often a lot of confusion about the difference between hotel and boutique hotel because many people do not know the particularity of \these two types of accommodation structures and, consequently, they don’t know if to book or not a structure they don’t know well.

The term Boutique Hotel was born in the United States to describe small, very intimate and cozy luxury hotels, usually with a smaller number of rooms than a chain hotel.

Boutique hotel are often based on a particular theme, many times related to some specific artistic or cultural period, which is used in all environments and thus creates a true identity to the place, making it personal. The boutique hotel rooms also reflect these rates and enhance their luxury services by declinating them to the proposed theme.

Those who choose a boutique hotel definitely want to live a sensory experience that goes beyond the simple concept of holiday. In Italy, more and more people choose each year to visit art cities and places of historical and cultural interest staying in these special accommodation facilities.

In Emilia Romagna, for example, some boutique hotel are located not far from the center of the major cities, in verdant and quiet areas where to walk, to get in touch with nature and relax. This famous Italian region offers the visitor breathtaking landscapes, wonders for the eyes and for the spirit in a mixture of colors and scents of the earth, of cheerfulness, of music, of cinema, of art.

The lovers of the sea, the sun and the fun choose the Riviera Romagnola, with the longest beach in Europe. Here you can also enjoy facilities for sports and leisure. You can then admire the beauty of the Apennine, perhaps visiting Parma and Piacenza or walking on horseback or on foot among the beautiful parks and the wonderful natural reserves.

The Emilia Romagna region also has wellness facilities with a wide range of thermal centers, including those of Salsomaggiore and Bagno di Romagna. In Emilia Romagna it is possible to become a spectator anywhere; It remains only to choose the show from an endless list.

In this rich and varied scenery, choosing to book a stay at a boutique hotel means combining the beauty of places to visit with another very special journey of introspection. Those who choose a boutique hotel often want to reflect their image in that of the place that hosts it. A boutique hotel is much more than just the sum of all the elements that make it. In a boutique hotel you can have the same services as any other hotel (restaurant, room service, spa, library, etc.) but with particular attention to the details that the guest knows in all aspects of his holiday.

That’s why a vacation in a boutique hotel is an experience that goes beyond the simple holiday you can do during your recess or when you are free from daily commitments: in this type of structure the guest leaves an important impression, he himself defines the place with its presence giving it meaning and new beauty.