How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Look

In today’s era of fast fashion and mass-produced consumer products, it can be difficult to carve out your own personal niche. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice your sense of style to stand out from the crowd. Read on for a few easy ways to make your outfits reflect your unique personality.

Wear a Belt

A leather belt buckle never goes out of style, and wearing one is an easy and fun way to showcase your interests. You can order a premade or custom belt buckle with features such as your country or state’s flag, imagery relevant to your profession or even your name. They are easy to wear with any outfit, so long as that outfit includes pants with belt loops, and are easy conversation starters at any social gathering.

Try a Quirky Tie

If your typical everyday attire includes a button-down shirt and slacks or even a full suit, wearing a fun tie is a simple way to give your ensemble some extra flair. To give your look that true personal touch, pick a tie that reveals something about you. It could feature the logo from your alma mater or a design specific to one of your hobbies (such as golf balls if you are a golfer, or music notes if you are a musician). Seeing the unusual pattern may even brighten your colleagues’ days.

Go With a Monogram

Getting your shirts monogrammed is a truly classy and timeless way to personalize your look. Consult a tailor to have a shirt you already own monogrammed, or order a new one that includes the option for customization. You could also add a monogram to your go-to backpack or bag, or even your socks.

Next time you’re updating your closet, try adding an article of clothing or accessory that reflects some aspect of your identity. Chances are, you’ll have a lot more fun getting dressed each morning, and your friends, family and coworkers will take notice!