The Changing Face of Handgun Carry Laws

Kentucky's new concealed carry law: What it means for gun-loving state

Gun sales have steadily climbed over the past several years. This has happened despite, or perhaps because of, the growing scenes of civil unrest and an increasing number of mass shootings that have taken place. Here are a few of the most common trends in the ever-changing landscape of handgun regulations.

Concealed Carry Options Are Expanding

A growing number of states are allowing the unregulated carrying of handguns. Texas was one of the most recent states to join the list with HB 1927, which allows any individual who is eligible to own a firearm and over the age of 21 to legally carry one in the state. There is little doubt that concealed shoulder holster and carry clothes sales will be growing in Texas in the near future. 

Regulations Are Focusing on Homemade Ghost Guns

The prevalence of ghost guns is on the rise. Whether made from kits or parts purchased individually or printed with a 3-D printer, these are unregistered and virtually untraceable. That has many gun control advocates concerned about the lack of background checks needed to own one. There is a growing demand in Washington for tighter regulations over ghost guns

Red Flag Laws Are Getting a Closer Look

Red flag laws are pieces of legislation that allow for the involuntary seizure of firearms and weapons by law enforcement. They are used when individuals exhibit alarming behavior or have a history of violence or, in some cases, mental health disorders. Like every gun issue, there are two sides to this story. Law enforcement generally supports this type of law since it keeps guns out of the hands of those who may use them in an inappropriate manner. Others feel red flag laws allow targeted seizures and can lead to discrimination. 

With a growing number of firearms in the hands of Americans, it is important to stay on top of gun control legislation, regardless of how you feel about it. Ghost guns, concealed carry regulations and red flag laws are all worth watching in the near future.